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About Baba

Baba of Baba's Candies

The warm, sweet, buttery aroma of hot bubbling toffee filled the air at Baba’s house, ushering in the holiday season. The cold winters of the Pacific Northwest were the perfect backdrop for cooking this special confection, with family members and close friends anticipating that special tin of hand-crafted almond toffee...

Well, I am that Baba. This scene could be taken from any time in history, but it’s only about 15 years ago that it started to play out. At that time, I was a new grandma of two granddaughters, just discovering the joys of baking at Christmastime when I stumbled upon a hand-written card in my late mother-in-law’s old tin recipe box.

Fast forward to 2018, now enjoying our second set of grandchildren—two grandsons. The oldest, who was turning four, had always called me Baba—unprompted by me—since he started uttering sounds as words. I loved this name he gave to me, and I’ve been Baba ever since. One fall morning, I awoke with a crystal-clear desire and vision to start selling my (coveted) almond toffee at our family’s vendor mall in Post Falls, Idaho.

I remember saying to my husband as we were getting up that fall morning, “I think I’ll start selling my toffee, and call it ‘Baba’s Almond Toffee.’ How can anything a Baba makes be bad?”

Without trying to, I registered my company, “Baba’s Candies”, in Idaho on the same day as our grandson’s 4th birthday while he sat playing in the other room. After I signed off the computer, I put it together that Baba’s Candies became official on his birthday. I called out to him excitedly, “Baba just made a company on your birthday!” He bounded into my office to match my excitement with big hugs and kisses.

At first, my motive to start this company was to help finance my love of taking trips on my Harley Davidson. But it quickly became much bigger than that. It was really about a family legacy.

The blessing of making this for a larger community has been immeasurable—most notably working with my older set of grandkids—those same two granddaughters mentioned earlier. I get to watch them concentrate on filling the candy boxes, talking with them, keeping up on things in their lives, all the while intentionally imparting a legacy of love and honor in the family. My mom also helps with sealing the boxes and giving tried-and-true advice that will gain lasting traction in years to come.

I still love riding my Harley, but it’s really my passion for creating good memories and a lasting family legacy, coupled with the privilege of sharing that with you, that keeps me stirring the toffee pot.

My hope is that you will experience many sweet and meaningful connections around a box of Baba’s Almond Toffee. Enjoy!